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Management Desk

From Chairman Desk

Dear Candidate,
We recognise that your institution of learning is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life. We choose our students carefully. You also must choose your institution carefully. I hope that this prospectus will help you in making that choice easier. It presents not only the details of our academic programmes but also provides you with an overview of the overall campus quality of life. At Nalanda Institute of Advanced Studies, we are seeking bright, energetic students eager to accept the challenges of an academically vigorous, professionally enriching & personally fulfilling learning programme that encourages students to think in new & creative ways in the global market place.

At Nalanda Institute of Advanced Studies you will be trained to take stress & combat the hardship & paves the path to glorious future in these sectors. But to be really successful, a proper environment with state of the art infrastructure &good facilities are essential. The quality of our faculty & impeccable infrastructure, all contribute to us being number one. Our student & we are well appreciated by various sectors of the corporate world who have recruited from us. Nalanda Institute of Advanced Studies will give a head start your career. Your right decision also gives us the opportunity to transform you into an able & competent professional for whom sky is the limit. As a proud part of the growing NIAS family, promising you the bright future & plethora of talent.

Mainak Saha
From Director Desk

Dear Student,
Nalanda Institute of Advanced Studies (N.I.A.S) is hailed as a centre for imparting quality education and generating competent skilled human resources to face the over dynamic and competitive scenario which includes expertise to tackle the scientific technological, managerial and social challenges with supreme confidence. N.I.A.S is one of the fastest growing management institute .At N.I.A.S we look beyond the academics and empower our students with new skills and help them to meet their career aspiration. We are very pro-student in our approach and work to ensure that the time spent at N.I.A.S is both efficiently and effectively utilizes to provide the best possible outcome.

With specially developed courses to enhance student's career prospects, we imbue our students with a zeal to work smart-not just hard. Our aim is to provide courses which meet the needs of career oriented students who are enthusiastic to explore their talent and skills to cope up with the changing trends in the industry.

Sudeshna Saha

Search Course

Chairman:Mainak Saha

Mr. Mainak Saha, the Chairman of NIAS, Salt Lake, Kolkata started off the evening with an insight into his long and successful career - the ups and downs he faced in his life.

Director:Sudeshna Saha

Ms Sudeshna Saha, the Director of NIAS, Salt Lake, Kolkata, steered the conversation towards values and element of success. She explained the values that matters to its clients and its importance.

Principal: Arun Bhattacharya

Mr. Arun Bhattacharya, the Principal of NIAS , Salt Lake, Kolkata, explained that possessing innovative ideas is not enough; one must also possess the passion and determination to be able to translate ideas into reality.