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Master of Business Administration

Subject ID Subject Name
MP101 Management-Theory And Practice
MP102 Accounting And Finance For Managers
MP103 Managerial Economicst
MP104 Quantitative Techniques For Managerial Applications
MP105 Business Law
MP106 Organizational Behavior
MP107 Business Policy & Strategic Management
MP108 Executive Communication & Research Methodology
MP109 Operations Research
MP110 Entrepreneurship Development
MP111 Management Information System
MP112 Management Of Human Resources
MP113 Marketing Management
MP114 International Business Environment
MP115 Product Management
MP116 Total Quality Management
MP117 Financial Management
MP118 Capital Investment And Financial Decisions
MP122 Information Technology And Management
MP123 Database Management System
MP124 Retail Operations Management
MP125 Customer Relationship Management
MP126 Principles & Practices Of Insurance
MP127 Risk Management And Insurance
MP128 Facility Design And Management
MP129 Hospitality Law
MP130 Principles Of Hospital Management
MP131 Basic Concepts Health
MP132 Business Ethics And Value
MP133 Executive Communication
MP134 Hotel House Keeping
MP135 Food & Beverage Service & Production
MP136 Conference & Event Management
MP137 Media Relations
MP138 Export Trade And Documentation
MP139 Export Finance Procedure
MP140 International Human Resource Management
MP141 International Marketing Management
MP142 Understanding Oil Business
MP143 Petro Retailing Business
MP144 Productions And Operations Management
MP145 Logistics And Supply Chain Management
MP146 World Class Management
MP147 Advanced Supply Chain Management
MP148 Electronic Commerce
MP149 Enterprise Resource Planning
MP150 Tourism And Marketing
MP151 International Hospitality Law
MP119 Industrial Training
MP120 Presentation/Seminar
MP121 Project Course Work

Master of Business Administration (MBA) The UG Degree consists of 15 Subjects in all. These comprise of Subjects:

  • Year 1: MP-101 to MP-108 & MP-119
  • Year 2: *Two Electives, MP-120 & MP-121